Thursday, May 7, 2009

Under the Sea

This clip is the OST of "The Little Mermaid." Enjoy Disney world :)

"Ariel, listen to me. The human world, it's a mess. Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there."

The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else's lake
You dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake

Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you lookin' for?

* Under the sea, under the sea. Darling it's better down where it's wetter. Take it from me.

Up on the sore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we're devoting full time to floating
Under the sea, ha ha ...

Down here all the fish is happy
As after the waves they roll
The fish on the land ain't happy
They are sad 'cause they in the bowl!'

Big fish in the bowl is lucky
They're in for a worser fate
One day when the boss get hungry
Guess who goin' be on the plate?

A Whole New World

This clip is the OST of Aladdin. Enjoy lovely voice.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Research Paper

Everything is For you.

People do not want to put their groceries in the same bag with cleaning products. The reason is obvious because they do not want chemicals in their foods. Unfortunately, most of foods already have chemicals inside. Recently, many issues about the importance of food are coming up. This is because of that people care about their health more than anything, also, their have been many new discoveries of illness. Even though people exercise and take vitamins everyday, people cannot be healthy without good food. Food is the most important part of our life; as a result, people started to become interested in organic food, which has became generally known as good food. Some people fear organic farming because organic food does not have chemicals and other things that keep diseases and other biological contaminants out. Therefore, people think that the chance of getting sick from eating bad contaminated food is higher. However, organic food has been proven safe. Also, the popularity of organic food is increasing and many people want to have organic food even thought it has high price. This is because many people still support organic farming for its advantages and still believe everything in organic farming is for us. Organic farming should be supported for alternative farming practices because of its good quality, better tastes and importance in economy.

Organic farming is “A form of agriculture which involves the use of food produced with the use of feed or fertilizer of plant or animal origin without employment of chemically formulated fertilizer, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides” (”Organic farming”, 2006). In “What is Organic Culture?” the author (2008) tells the oldest form of farming on earth is the organic agriculture. Agriculture changes a lot until today because of the inflow of technologies during post-World War II. (In 1950, there was “Green Revolution”. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, green revolution means, the great increase in production of food grains as rice and wheat due to the introduction of high-yielding varieties, to the use of pesticides, and to better management techniques.) During post World War II, farmers started to use many kinds of electric farming tools and tried to have more farmlands. Then, it had become hard to control their big farmlands. Companies took over farms and they used helicopter to spread out fertilizer for growing crops faster, also, they used pesticide to kill bug that ate their crops, but this damaged the ecosystem. Because of these disadvantages of technology, some farmers started to keep traditional way, which can help the ecosystem and food quality. After that, organic farmers employ crop rotations, cover crops, and natural-based products to continue or improve soil fertility (“What is organic culture?” 2008). Nowadays, many kinds of organic foods are sold by people.

First, organic foods have better taste and quality than inorganic foods. Many people say organic food is too expensive. However, if we know the detail of organic food, the price is absolutely reasonable. Organic food taste better than inorganic food. In “Organic Foods Taste Better, claims new poll” (2005) the author gives a poll of the Soil Association, which is the country’s major organic accreditation body, and says “Fruit and vegetable scored particularly high on taste, with 72 percent of respondents saying they taste better than non-organic. Meat also scored at the top, with 71 percent saying they preferred the taste of organic meat” (Para.6). This poll shows a definite result of taste that favors organic food. In addition, organic food is fresher than inorganic food. There are no preservatives in Organic food so you always know that the food you are eating is fresher. For example, there are two types of milk: One that people should drink in three days, such as organic milk, and the other that people can drink in fourteen days which is not natural. Which one has lower quality? Everybody knows that milk in three days is better than fourteen days..

Second, organic farming plays an important part in the economy. It helps the rural economy. In “Impacts of Organic Farming on the Rural Economy” the author says “Organic farming has developed rapidly in recent years and now has a market value of over £802 million” (para.1). This is about 1 billion 560 million US dollars. The potential for a great market is already there. America can not afford to miss out on this opportunity for a big market. Also there is plenty of room to make it an even bigger market. Howard (2008), chairman of the Maryland Agricultural Commission, tells “The organic food industry is growing rapidly and has been growing rapidly for many years.” (para.3) and adds “We have been seeing 17 percent to 25 percent growth nationally and Maryland the past 10 years. Global sales now top $22 billion annually” (para.3). This could definitely help rural farmers. However, farmers are not the only ones to benefit economically from organic farming. It benefits consumers, too. Now, organic food market is not bigger than we expected even though it is better quality than inorganic food. The only reason is that people do not want to buy expensive foods. However, if many organic farms grow up and lots of organic food enters the market, it will increase the supply and the competition between food companies. Because of increase supply and competition between many companies, the price of organic food will decrease making it easier for customers to buy. Therefore, the economy will also benefit.

Many people who do not support organic farming as an alternative farming are concern about organic food because it does not have any pesticides or chemical fertilizer. Pesticides kill plants or animals that are harmful to people. This is why people think that pesticides protect our health from the unsafe things and preserve our health. However, pesticides damage our environment such as soil and water. Miller (1994) says that only a small percentage of pesticides end up on the crops. Most miss their target and causes damage to soil, water, ground water, and non-target organisms such as wildlife even humans. These pesticides can disturb food chains by directly killing the organisms, reducing their ability to reproduce, or making them vulnerable to disease. For long-run of farming practice, we should use no pesticides and inorganic fertilizer because we never can be healthy in a dirty environment. Luckily, there is a clean solution for inorganic fertilizer. According to Miller (1994), adjunct professor of human ecology in St. Andrews Presbyterian College, organic farming uses only organic fertilizer such as animal manure, green manure and compost, can recycle part of garbage of the world. Making good environment and making body healthy are definitely win-win situation.

The world is speedily changing. Many parts of trend are also changing with the world. The reason is that people know what is good, better or not. Organic farming is the trend of farming form right now because of its advantages such as excellent quality and value in economy. Organic farming should be supported for alternative farming practices for our future.


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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Arguemnet Paper II

< Enjoy the age of technology >

Imagine what life will be like without technology. If we do not have computers, we do not have televisions, and we do not have cars and planes, the life without technology is exactly hard life. It is hard to see or mail to one’s friends oversea. Also, it takes long time to travel another country and we may never know the fun from the technology in whole our life. This is why the technological revolution is beneficial for the world. It makes our life comfortable, easy, and fun. Also it saves people time and energy, therefore, it helps people to live and be healthy.

First, the technological revolution creates new ways for people to enjoy their life. Portable items were usually big size until 1980’s but they became smaller and smaller with attractive design because of continuing improvement of the technology. Now, many people enjoy portable items all the time and everywhere. Especially, the younger generation wants to own MP3 player or portable game system. They want to listen to music and play games when they exercise, study or when they move somewhere in a bus. In addition, huge numbers of people have their own personal blog, which can post the pictures, music, or can use for journal. Sometimes, they look for their friends to share their hobbies or favorite things. We live in a day the technology creates new trend of entertainment, not only real world but also a cyber world.

Next, the technological revolution saves energy and time. Transportation has seen major advances thanks to the technological revolution. Think about the old days when people used wagons. It was slow and person had to take care of horses. So people invented the car because it was faster and easier than taking care of horses. Today, there are cars that use solar energy and high-speed trains that use electricity such as the Shinkansen in Japan. In contrast, transportation is not the only way technology has saved time and energy. Computers do a lot to save time and energy. A person can send mail instantly to another person. A person can check the weather or news on the internet anytime. Also a person can use a cell phone to call friends, family, and other important people whenever and wherever they want. Better transportation and being able to communicate with people instantly is definitely a great way to save time energy.

Finally the technological revolution has improved the medical systems. People can have a second chance to live a second life. If a baby is born prematurely, it can be saved because of incubators. Everyday, there is a huge number of medical machine that are driven by doctors to do surgery and treatments that could not be done before. Even heart transplants are common today. These medical advances are making people live longer lives. In the chart “Life expectancy at birth by race and sex”, from 1950 until 2004 the life expectancy rate in the U.S.A. increased from 68.2 to 77.9. The technological revolution also allows doctors to do cosmetic surgery which makes people satisfied about their looks. The technological revolution allows people to have the new and longer life.

Some people believe we are better off without technology. One common reason for this belief is religion. For example the Amish people live their life without technology because their religion. Kimberly & Powell (n.d.) say “The Amish are averse to any technology which they feel weakens the family structure.” Also, they believe technology brings evil which is another reason to stay away from it, often citing the bible verse “Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” (II Corinthians 6:14). This is their belief and we can not do anything about this. However, this is not the belief almost everybody has about technology. Almost everybody believes that technology makes life easier, better and more enjoyable.

In conclusion, the technological revolution is beneficial to the world. It makes our life comfortable, easy, and fun. Also it saves people time and energy. Finally it helps people to lie and be healthy. Not everybody beliefs that technology is a good thing but this is just their beliefs and there is not much we can do. All the real advantages of the technological revolution can be seen in everyday life and people would not want to live without it.


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Summary Response

< It is Time to Support our Food. >

First, the author introduces the topic of eating clone food and mentions that U.S. FDA, Food and Drug Administration, and EFSA, European Food Safety Authority, are going to permit cloned food to be sold to consumers. Second, he gives background on GM foods. He explains European and Americans have different opinions, but both want labels on GM food. Next, the author asks if cloned food is dangerous for people or not. Today, cloning is the newest and the best tool for reproduction. This is because an elite cow can net $100,000 dollars. That is the type of cow that farmers want to clone and reproduce. Also, clones show higher chances of being retarded, but the milk and the meat are the same. Finally, new research causes fears about cloning. In this article, it is very visible that the author agrees the eating cloned food and emphasizes good points of cloned food. The author’s point should be supported because of many reasons. Even America and European have different opinions of cloned food gives permits to sell cloned food to consumers because clone food is completely safe to eat. Cloned food makes the people and the world without concern and illness and should be the first step to grow the positive expectations of the future.

First, cloning food can remove many problems of the world. Today, many people in LCDs, less developed countries, are dieing because of not enough food. This is not right. Everybody has a right to enjoy their life even if they were born in LCD. Cloning is the way we can use to solve this problem. However, LCDs are not the only places that have to worry about having plenty of food. Unfortunately, the world population is a huge number that people can not imagine. Moreover, there are many predictions that population will keep growing more than now. “In population growth over human history” the author (2006) predicts “Anyone who examined world population growth over the past two centuries certainly must be astounded and quite possible alarmed. The global population reached one billion in 1804. In 1927, some 123 years later, it passed two billion. …. An eventual world population of 8 – 12 billion is expected by the end of the century” (para. 22). This large increase in world population will cause many more places and people to not have food. Therefore, our research and food engineering must continue to advance. Cloning is the next step in our research and food engineering.

Second, people could be healthier. Cloned food has better quality. Gogoi (n.d.) says “Farmers can choose to reproduce cows guaranteed to produce the highest-quality steaks. How? At the slaughterhouse, where the determination of grade is decided, workers can harvest genetic material from prime steaks – the highest grade, which currently accounts for just 2 % of all beef” (para.2). If the butcher can choose the best conditions of animals, then we can eat the best food. People do not want to spend their money to have low quality food. However, as many people know, there are already lots of experiments about whether cloned food is safe or not. According to FDA (2008), Food and Drug Administration, the meat and milk from cloning cow and sheep are safe. It is good to have a wise attitude about food, but cloned food does not have to be one of our concerns anymore.

Third, eating cloned food will be the first step to develop our future. People have many misconceptions about clone animals. Even though clone food has been considered safe by different organization, such as the FDA, some people still do not want to eat it. If we cannot break a small misconception, there is no room for improvement in our future. With a higher population in the future it will take a lot more money and food to feed everybody. World hunger is basic problem and clone food is the best solution to world hunger. If we do not have to worry about world hunger, we can then focus on other problems and make the world better.

In conclusion, we should accept to eat clone food because cloned food makes the people and world without concern and illness and should be the first step to grow the positive expectations pf the future. Every angle you examine it from, eating clone food is absolutely reasonable. Now, it is the time to support our bright food future.


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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why companies need female managers

I looked up the BBC news about female managers in the U.S. It show why companies need female managers. Helen Fisher, who is American anthropologist from Rutgers University, explains the difference between men and women for companies. She found evidence from MRI brain scans, genetics and large-scale surveys. Fisher said women were common in the workforce in prehistoric time providing 60-80% of evening meal but after the plough was invented the power balance shifted. Over Millennia of evolution women and men became different. Testosterone is the cause and will make men focus on details in life. Helen Fisher thinks that it is important for managers to have both men and women in work force because they complement each other. An example is combining the long-term thinking of women with the short term focus of men.

This article was very interesting to me because I am one of woman, who wants to work in a company. Many women worker do not contented where they are in a company. Usually, women get less salary than men even thought they have same position. In addition, some of companies do not want to hire women worker, especially if they have children. Companies’ point of view is that sometimes women worker cannot focus to their work because of their children. However, as many people know, there are many advantages for women in some companies which have good environment for work. They have a kind of nursery school inside a company, so women worker keep in eye on their children when they have break time. In other words, they can focus more to their company stuff. I’ll talk about a little bit about the history or hormone system, but I want to focus on business more that is about why many companies do not want to hire women worker in the past.
This article shows the hormone makes the difference between women and men, therefore there are many kinds of task, what women can do well or men can do well. I hope we can discuss more about those things in a class tomorrow.

1) Do you think companies want to hire women?
2) Think about advantages and disadvantage to hire women workers for a company.
3) What is hiring women like in the companies outside of the U.S.?
4) Why many companies do not want to avoid women workers?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Research Paper_ Is there a Future of Outsourcing?

Is there a Future of Outsourcing?

In “Outsourcing impact on business, jobs and economies of wealthy and poor nations,” Patrick (n.d.), explains, “We need to take urgent action to reduce costs. If we don’t run our business efficiently, everyone could lose his or her jobs. People who have entrusted their life-savings to us (mainly pensioners), will go elsewhere” (para.24). In the 1990’s managers started to make dealing with newly formed service company, as a result, outsourcing starts to work inside out of the business and become one of important system of business. In those days, many companies made a profit. However, the situation is changed which companies realize little profit or cannot get any good results, lately, because there are too many problem from the outsourcing. The goal of business is making money, but companies do not pay much more than before. People who want to make good use of outsourcing in their companies have to know what the problems are from the applying outsourcing. Because of outsourcing, it is easy to make employees unsettled feeling and cause many problems from the managing supplier. Therefore, sometimes, there is impossibility to get any outcome

The American Heritage Dictionary defines outsourcing as "To send out (work, for example) to an outside provider or manufacturer in order to cut costs" (“outsourcing”). Outsourcing is similar to off shoring. Off shoring is defined by Webster's New Millennium Dictionary of English as the practice of moving business processes or services to another country, especially, overseas, to reduce costs (“off shoring”). These two words can be the same. Historically, outsourcing was not formally identified as a business strategy until 1989. In the 1990's managers started to make contracts with newly formed service companies (2006, para.2). Currently, companies are trying to make strategic partnerships with other companies. The controversy is the big business owners hurt America because of outsourcing but business owner still say they have to outsource in order to stay in business (2006, para.1). Businesses say the reason is they have to compete with other countries like China. Therefore, these companies had to downsize and many people lost their jobs. Every year, many jobs continue to leave America because of outsourcing. This argument by the business owners does not convince many people like Robby Spurlin, a senior at Appalachian State University. "The loss of the textile jobs in Surry County since NAFTA took effect is bad enough," Spurlin said. "But it gets worse when you think about the trickle-down effect on the entire community and more people having to live paycheck to paycheck" (2004, para.1).

Not everything about outsourcing is bad for American people. America has benefited from other countries outsourcing to the U.S. As the Wall Street Journal Reports "The balance of jobs we import from abroad greatly exceeds the jobs we export abroad. Every time a foreign company decides to build a plant or opens an office in the U.S. Americans are put to work to man these facilities" (n.d. para.3). This may possible be true for America overall, but sometimes a small community relies on a single large company to provide the community with its wealth. If the company leaves the community will be devastate. Outsourcing makes employees feel insecure. Outsourcing usually means a company will downsize because of company offshore to other country. There is no worse feeling than losing a job. Some research estimates that “3.3 million white-collar jobs will move overseas by 2015,” and also, according to projections, “the hardest hit sectors will be financial services and information technology" (2004, para.8). This information alone sounds bad but to make it worse, Hewlett-Packard chief Carly Fiorina (2004) said in a testimony in front of Congress "There is no job that is America's God-given right anymore" (para.2). A lot of employees are becoming more worried about job security. All this worry makes an employee feel uneasy and an uneasy employee is not very productive.

First, sometimes a company will not see any results from outsourcing. In fact, if a company is not careful, they can lose money. Frank Coyle, IT director at John Menzies Distribution, warned of the consequences of not using outsourcing selectively and intelligently. "The disasters occur, typically, when an accountant somewhere tries to make a name for them by convincing the board to outsource the whole department, thus, losing control of a critical business area. The problem then becomes one of trying to get the genie back into the bottle - not so easy," (2005, para.9). Therefore, a lot of time and thought needs to be spent deciding if outsourcing is the best choice for a company. In addition, there are many considerations such as geographical problems like language problems, accent problems, political instability, change in laws and regulations, labor laws, cultural issues (n.d.para.2). There are many bad stories about companies that are trying to start business in a foreign country like the classic Chevy Nova story. Chevy tried to sell the Nova car in Mexico and realized that "Nova" means "no go" is Spanish. These problems can occur even if a company is not outsourcing to a foreign country (n.d, para.5). To sum it up, Steve Ritchie, CIO at Investcor, says it best "Does outsourcing deliver cost savings? Sometimes does it improve customer service? Sometimes does it consistently deliver both? Almost certainly not" (2005, para.10).

Finally, it is hard for a company to control their subcontractors. Subcontracting in some countries can be a little risky because an unintended result of exported our businesses is "Almost as much goes out the back door of these factories as gray-market goods as goes out the front door. The companies will be forced to deal with competing in the marketplace against their own goods" (Virgin, B, 2003, para.18). One can see how this can be a problem. Another problem a company had with their subcontractors is quality control. It was Mattel's toy recall. Veiga, A. (2007) from the Washington post states "Mattel previously said many of the toys were recalled because of design problems. It also said certain vendors in China or their subcontractors violated Mattel's rules by failing to use safe paint or to run tests on paint" (p.2). This hurt Mattel’s image because worried parents do not want to buy products from Mattel now. Mattel apologized to China. Why did they apologize to China? According to Navarro (2007), a business professor at the University of California, "Mattel is worried that the Chinese government is going to make it difficult for them to produce, put their costs up and hurt their stock price" (p.1). Even businesses, which hired subcontractors from the same country, have the similiar problems. Some people have recently complained about major flaws in their homes. Lesh, the president of the American Society of Home Inspectors "Most builders hire subcontractors for virtually everything today," he said. "Years ago, they tended to work with their own guys. Now they don't know who the guys are. So they often don't know what kind of work is going on" (2007, para.2). As you can see, it is hard to make a relationship with customers by using contractors.

In conclusion, several years ago, outsourcing started to become a problem. Companies outsourced many jobs to another country, therefore, these companies had to downsize and a lots of employees lost their jobs. Outsourcing started to threaten employees’ livelihood and make employees feel uneasy. Businesses never can succeed without employees. Businesses need to be careful when outsourcing because there are no guarantee results from outsourcing. Also, subcontractor can cause different kinds of problems to companies. Outsourcing may not have a positive long term effects for businesses, and also American economy. Successful businesses need to have a sharp eye for good result for company. Several years ago, outsourcing started to become a problem. Companies outsourced many jobs to another country. On the other hand, outsourcing is just one of several problems a business has to worry about. If a business wants to start outsource, they should know about them in order to succeed.


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